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Hello friends ,Today I am going to show you hack facebook using desktop phishing.You may already be familiar with the phishing technique as I have posted same articles which is how to hack Facebook using phishing method but in phishing method you need to upload your fake page on the free web  hosting site so web hosting company suspend your account because of phishing page.So due to this problem I post new article that is how to hack Facebook using data URI technique. 

Now today I am going to start a  new article that is hacking Facebook  using desktop phishing .This phishing attack is a bit advanced and if your  a newbie i would recommend you to read the following articles before going towards how to hack Facebook by desktop phishing article.

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so now start this hacking tutorial,for your kind information  hacking Facebook with Desktop Phishing is another advanced type of Phishing attack, In my previous post Desktop Phishing -Introduction i explained the idea and working behind this phishing attack, In this article i will explain how you can use this method to hack Facebook, Gmail accounts .

 However still you don't understood what is phishing then I should tell you here again that phishing is such an act where hacker makes a duplicate or fake page I must say log in page of any website and in the log in fields he makes some changing like he embeds a logger script in those log in forum fields, thus as a result what you type in those fields is logged and are pasted in a text file on that server where that phishing i-e duplicate page is hosted to fool you. Thus you email and password are sent to hacker as those log in fields are for email address and password ultimately in the end you are redirected to original log in page. You should read following posts to understand this in detail

What is Desktop Phishing?

Well, it is a kind of phishing where you have to just replace some text in the hosts file located in Windows directory in the victim machine and whenever he goes to the real website like then real website would not open instead of it the phishing page will open which will be hosted in your computer.

desktop phishing hack in short :

  • 1. Attacker sends an executable/batch file to victim and victim is supposed to double click on it. Attacker's job is done.
  • 2. Victim types  the domain name of original / genuine website and is taken to our fake log in page. But the domain name remains the same as typed by victim and victim doesn't come to know.
  • 3. Rest of the things are same as in normal phishing.

what is the Concept Behind Desktop Phishing  Hack :

Hosts file is a computer file used in an operating system to map host names to I.P addresses. Host file used to play a large role before the Domain Name System (DNS) came into existence. A hosts file basically controls how your browser finds websites.

You can use host file to map any word or domain to an ip address or to another domain. For example if we add

To the host file what will happen is that when you type in your browser it will open instead of this is because ( is Google's I.P, So the browser will take it blindly So if a attacker is able to add his I.P address (where he Hosts the phisher page ) Victim will be redirected to the attackers phishing site

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What makes this attack so successful is the victim will not Know since the URL only remains

Difference between normal phishing and desktop phishing

I created this simple  diagram to differentiate between desktop phishing and normal phishing is given bellow.i hope you get clear idea about exactly what is common phishing and what is desktop phishing.


step by step tutorial how to hack facebook account via a desktop phishing - DNS posisioning 2015 new silent phishing



Step by step guide for hacking Facebook account with desktop phishing

Before going to next first know about hosts file,The hosts file is a text file containing domain names and I.P address associated with them.and the location of this hosts file in windows is c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\

 Now follow bellow given step by step procedure :

Step:1) first of all you need to make fake Facebook  log in page if you don't know how to make simply read my article how to hack Facebook using phishing .

Step:2) now I am assuming you have following two files which you make in step 1
  • a) index.htm
  • b) hack.php
Step:3) now you need to make your computer as a server using xampp server software .if you don't know how to make your computer as server read my article first how to make your computer as a web server.

Step:4) for your clear understanding  again I assuming you make your computer as a web server

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Step:5) when you make your computer as a server you need to put these two files one is index.htm and second is hack.php in your Xampp Server location c:\xampp\htdocs 

Step:6) now your half work is done! these two files is globally available depending upon your internet speed.when any  one input your external ip address in his browser address bar this fake Facebook page will be open .if you don't know how to check external I.P address please go to site and copy your PUBLIC I.P address from there.

Step:7) now we are ready for hack ,This time we need to change the host file of victim's computer (make entry of your external I.P address in his hosts file )

Step:8) now copy your hosts  file  from the location c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\  and paste it into the desktop

Step:9) after that open this hosts file using notepad or notepad++ ,here I am using simple notepad it look like like bellow picture.

Step:10) now you need to modify this host file according to your need simply make entry for example:


note: xx:xx:xxx:xx is the external or public ip address of your computer which you find from

see bellow picture for clear understanding:

Step:11) lets plan out a way to replace victim's hosts file with it ,there are many ways to do that,but i shall tell you one here of creating a solid archive by WinRar you can download winrar  from here

Step:12) after downloading winrar right click on the modified hosts file and then click on " add to archive " after this tick create "SFX archive " and then go to advance tab and click on " SFX option " and here you need to enter following location in path to extract field


and tick on save and restore path

now you go to " modes " tab and tick on " hide all " after that go to update tab and tick on

" extract and replace files " and " overwrite all files " and click on OK button now your archive is ready for hacking Facebook account.
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if you don't understand above step don't worry see bellow screenshots I give all screenshots in sequence for making archive:

step by step tutorial how to hack facebook account via a desktop phishing - DNS posisioning 2015 new silent phishing
step by step tutorial how to hack facebook account via a desktop phishing - DNS posisioning 2015 new silent phishing


step by step tutorial how to hack facebook account via a desktop phishing - DNS posisioning 2015 new silent phishing
step by step tutorial how to hack facebook account via a desktop phishing - DNS posisioning 2015 new silent phishing

step by step tutorial how to hack facebook account via a desktop phishing - DNS posisioning 2015 new silent phishing

Step:13)  now you can send this archive to the victim when victim double click on this archive his hosts file automatically modify without his knowledge.

now when your victim open his browser and enter or your fake phishing page will open instead of the original Facebook can also use any good binder software to send this archive.

If you like this article please share it and faced any problem feel free email me or comment below I replied your comment with in next 2 hours.have enjoy hacking stay tune with this blog  or Ajay Soni.

thank you..

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