6 Ways To Find IMEI of Android Phone,Apple ios,windows Or Any Others Mobile

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A mobile phone (also known as a cell phone or cellular phone) is a telephone which can make and receive calls over a radio frequency carrier while the user is moving within a telephone service area So Today we will talk about International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or in short just IMEI .Here with the help of blog post i want to share 7 ways of finding your IMEI No. easily so this post is only for you if you want to forget or missing your IMEI code .In this modern era everyone have own cellphone no matter what's company he/she used, it is likely Android phone ,windows phone etc Every mobile phone has its unique IMEI no .

I assuming that you know bit about IMEI that's why you came in this blog post if don't know don't worry  Lets move in simple and clear cut learning procedure so for your kind information so in this post Everything You Should Know About Your IMEI Number lets move further.

What Is An IMEI Number?

Every Phone usually has a unique identity and its known as a IMEI(International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). This is a 16 digits number. The International Mobile station Equipment Identity number (IMEI) is a number used to identify a device that uses terrestrial cellular networks. And what is a terrestrial cellular network? you may ask. This is the network you use when you place a call on your cell phone or access an internet connection provided by your cellular carrier through your data plan. It's called terrestrial because it uses planet-side antennas, not satellites, to connect.

What Is The Purpose Of An IMEI Number?

Their is single purpose or intention, is to prevent theft. If a mobile device can be universally identified, a thief cannot change the SIM card on a phone and expect to keep the phone. IMEI numbers are hard-coded into device hardware, making it nearly impossible to change them without somehow damaging the device.And the most important is When a carrier knows that a device has been stolen, it can blacklist the IMEI code and lock it out of the network. Later on, it tells other cellular networks to do the same.

How to Find an IMEI Number of Android Phone How to Find IMEI of Your Android Phone from 6 Ways
If you lost your android phone, you can find your android phone from its IMEI.Make sure you know your IMEI number, if your phone is lost or stolen, you can get it back from your IMEI number. In this post, we collect some best tricks for finding your IMEI phone number.

Lets See One By One Best Ways For Finding Your IMEI Number


This is very simple and easy method to check your mobile's IMEI 16 digit no. If you have GSM android phone or windows phone etc every phone has dial pad for calling someone so why are we not use dial pad for finding our IMEI number simply follow below given steps
  • 1. First of all open your mobile dialpad
  • 2.After that you need to type  *#06#  into its screen
  • 3. When you enter *#06#  in your mobile screen's dialpad it automatically show your IMEI code like below figure:

How to Find IMEI of Your Android Phone from 6 Ways 

That's it friends this is the best way for every new mobile users .If you are not able to see your IMEI don't worry follow another method given below.

2.Know About Your IMEI Directly  From The Phone Settings Menu

How to Find IMEI of Your Android Phone from 6 WaysIf above method not work for you don't worry you can also get your IMEI number in your phones  Settings simply follow below given steps
  • 1. First of all navigate to your phone setting by pressing menu>>setting
  • 2.After that scroll down and find a option called "about device " or it maybe just 'about"
  • 3.After that you a new screen will come having many option simply click on "phone identity" >
  • 4.In phone identity setting you can find your IMEI number easily see below figure for better understanding.

3. Find The IMEI Of A Lost Android Phone In your Google Dashboard Or Website

find the IMEI of a lost android phone in your Google dashboard or website

You know find the IMEI of a lost android phone in your Google dashboard is so easy Just open Google Dashboard website in your phone and you can get all info about your account, your mobile and also your IMEI of Phone.Your Google Dashboard has always been a useful tool for your Google activity. Among many other things, you can also find your phone's IMEI number here. The information is stored for any device you've connected to your account, and it stays for a while, so even if it's been a while since you used it, be sure here. And don't forget all the other essential security features you should set up on your phone before you lose it.simply go this link and make sign in
Get IMEI of your Android from Google Website

4. Find IMEI Under The Battery Of The Phone

The IMEI or MEID number for your mobile phone acts as a unique identifier for that device. No two devices will have the same IMEI or MEID, which makes it a very useful tool for tracking lost or stolen cell phones. You can quickly retrieve and record your phone's IMEI or MEID number in a variety of different ways, depending on your device.If your phone has a removable battery, just remove the battery and you can see your IMEI number in the battery compartment of the phone.

Under the Battery IMEI,Find IMEI Under the battery of the Phone

5.Get your IMEI On The Box Of The Phone

Now think that If your phone is stolen and you don’t have your IMEI number,somehow you can check your IMEI using above given method but what you will do if you have not your phone,so don't worry  you can  get your IMEI number from its retail box.
On the box IMEI

Get your IMEI On the box of the Phone

6. Check Your IMEI USING "IMEI.info"  Android App Easily

IF no method work for simply use this android tool or app to find your IMEI Number This app show your IMEI in your screen easily as you click on it .you can download it from  below given link or from google play store This app is devoloped by Developer ' romkenet' 
Download IMEI.info app from Google Play store

How do I Know if My IMEI Number Is Valid?

Some counterfeit phones have bad IMEI numbers. The easiest way to check the validity of an IMEI number manually is by using the Luhn formula for verification of identification codes. If you want an easier way to check your IMEI, there's always the online checker at IMEI.Info

This is one of the easiest ways for finding your IMEI number. If you know your Phone IMEI, you can track your lost or stolen the android phone. Know your Phone IMEI and add an extra layer of security in your phone.