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How To Hack And Bypass Applock Advanced Protection 2017-Root Required With ES Explorer

By Admin

Hey guys welcome back on my blog, In my previous post i explain easy method to hack facebook ,whatsapp,instagram,snapchat etc So you need to read my previous post ,because that is must read article,after long time i came here for providing you a very new and best hack which is not available on the internet and this is all about how to hack advanced protection of applock android application ...yes you are reading correct, i know you are aware about this lock because it is so popular app for android users who protect our sensitive data ,and you may also surprised when you know how is this possible ,it become possible with ES file explorer.but for others articles over the internet my this hack also has a drawback which is ,the device must be rooted otherwise this hack not possible but dont worry i currently research on it when i got any hack without root i feel free share it with you ,if your victim or friends android phone is rooted then read this article otherwise you can get knowledge only.

Before some months A another way to hack applock for rooted android device is to use freezer apps  but now applock improve its security so there are no freezer application is able to freez applock's advance protection  . Before two days ago i am  using  my android phone (Lg optimus) and try to hack app lock advance protection and finally i got a new hack for hacking applock application enabled with advanced protection .I found another way around if you have access to a root explorer program. and this trick also work even your victim hide applock app from the menu or victim  also locked out of settings or are unable to force stop the app, If you feeling frustrating in breaking app lock then dont worry i am here for you .so before move further i just want to give some information about applock or this article.

Why Applock Advanced Protection Came In Market?

Those who protect their confidential information on their phone using App Lock know that they're using a great security tool that will keep them safe from nosey people. Nevertheless, if someone wanted to access all that protected information, they'd only need to uninstall the app.Any people who access the setting of your android device is able to stop applock using force stop button so To avoid this loophole, App Lock has made AppLock Advanced Protection, an extension that will stop anyone from deleting the app unless that person has the password, a password that you'll have set up yourself. If someone tries to delete App Lock, a message will pop up notifying them that they need to get through AppLock Advanced Protection and enter the password before the app can be deleted from the phone.When you enable Advanced Protection , nobody can kill or uninstall AppLock without password.

Your Requirements :

  • 1. The device of your victim must be rooted otherwise this hack will not work .if you dont know how to easily root any android phone feel free open this link and read article ,if this given is not useful for your android device model try this another article .
  • 3. And last one is time but it take not more then 2 minutes for hack applock . 

Step By Step To Bypassing Advanced Applock

Now i am going to start my unique tutorial which is globally available only on my blog .In this post you will see many steps but dont worry the no. of steps increase because i don't want  a single reader of my  blog faced any problem i provide every single step for you.

Lets begin..........

Step:1) First of all get your victim android smartphone having applock enabled and make sure that your victim's mobile is rooted 

Step:2) After that check that your victim's mobile having es file explorer or not ,if there is no es file manager in the phone simple install it on his device.You can download it from here

Step:3) Now open ES file manager and click on side menu  and then click on tool and
slide down and enable "root explorer" feature (see below clear screenshots for better understanding.)

Now open ES file manager and click on side menu  and then click on tool and slide down and enable "root explorer" feature
Step:4) after that navigate  to system files or /device memory (see below picture )

 fter that navigate  to system files or /device memory
Step:5) when you go to system folder then go to "data" foler (see below picture )

 Step:5) when you go to system folder then go to "data" foler (see below picture )

Step:6) after that go to "app" folder   (see below picture )

 Step:6) after that go to "app" folder   (see below picture )
Step:7) In App folder you can find ''com.domobile.applock-1.apk'' and 'com.domobile.applockwatcher-1.apk"  which is clearly visible there even victim hide applock (see below picture )

 In App folder you can find ''com.domobile.applock-1.apk'' and 'com.domobile.applockwatcher-1.apk"

Step:8) now you need to move these two apk file in another location for example in sd card ,you can do that simply by long press the apk files and select both apk and click on "more " button which is located in lower right corner of your ES and click on "move to"  (see below given screenshots)


Step:9) when you click on move to a new popup screen will open asking where you put these two apk files of applock simply move it on your sd card

 when you click on move to a new popup screen will open asking where you put these two apk files of applock simply move it on your sd card


Step:10) when you move them successfully in sd card now close your ES file explorer and wait for 5 seconds and  you go to protected folder like gallery,message,etc which is protected by app lock advanced protection you can see that there is no password required .

That's it friends i hope you like my unique article which is only available on my blog .

How To Get Back Like Before ?

Now when you successfully hack applock of your friend's phone now you need to return it back so clear all the thing what you do ,simply move that two apk files again in the system file's data folder >>app folder.

Thats it ,your friend never expect that his mobile has lophels to break applock advanced protection too. 
Important Note: When you delete files and applications, make sure that you don't delete anything that you aren't 100% sure is safe to delete. You can permanently damage your Android phone if you delete any system files that are necessary to operate the phone.
This is my overall post and i hope that you like it ,so please share it with your friends or social media like facebook,google+,twitter etc.And in last thanks for reading my post and giving me your valuable time if you faced any problem feel free ask me or drop your comment .
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