How To Freeze Or Uninstall Applock Advanced Protection In Android Without Enter Password Again.

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Hey guys you are heartily welcome here In this tech blog ETT .This time i am coming with a different technique for hacking app lock with advanced protection with the help of a very little tool named lucky patcher yes I am right friends .I think Every tech savvy know about Lucky patcher if you don't know about it then know about it in single line ,it is the tool which is useful to hack or mode android game that's it. 

This post is different from all others tutorials who claim for crack app lock password because here i am going to use way by which you can easily freeze any android application so you also freeze app lock too.You know that when your victim or you activate app lock advanced protection on their phone then The app can't be deactivated in any way unless you know the password that unlocks it.If someone tries to delete App Lock, a message will pop up notifying them that they need to get through AppLock Advanced Protection and enter the password before the app can be deleted from the phone.

Here i will tell you in short before full that  how you can freeze your apps. After the application is frozen, it can not start, it will not run in the background. If you want to use the app again, you can defrost it.App Freezer can help you to disable memory-intensive applications running in the background, help your device to save memory resources.Now come to the point and see how to crack applock password in android device.You are also well know about applock and its uses but you don't know why the advanced protection of applock came in market , So first know 

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Why App lock Advanced Protection Came:

You may skip this part of the post if you know all about applock and its advanced protection.If you want to gain something from this post i recommend every line of this post.Those who protect their confidential information on their phone using App Lock know that they're using a great security tool that will keep them safe from nosey people. Nevertheless, if someone wanted to access all that protected information, they'd only need to uninstall the app.To avoid this loophole, App Lock has made AppLock Advanced Protection, an extension that will stop anyone from deleting the app unless that person has the password, a password that you'll have set up yourself. 

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1. Luckypatcher app you can download it from here

2. you have installed applock app with advanced protection .

3.very important is you mobile must be rooted other wise you are not able to freeze any android apk file.

4. It take not more than 2 minutes.

Step By Step To Hack Applock Without Password Using Lucky Patcher:

Now follow below given all steps and learn how to break applock password in android phone in two minutes.Here i divide this tutorial into two part

( 1) How to freeze applock advanced protection

(2)  How to Unfreeze or defrost  applock advanced protection

( 1) How To Freeze Applock Advanced Protection (ADP)

Step:1) First of all make sure that your phone is rooted or not ,For making this trick 100% working your phone must be rooted ,if you don't know how to root your android device read this article and this also

Step:2) Now I assuming that you or your victim installed applock advanced protection on his android mobile .

Step:3) Now you need to install a app called lucky patcher in android phone ,you can download it from below given link 
Download lucky patcher
Step:4) When you install lucky patcher simply open and run it.

Step:5) After that a black screen will come having all of your installed app and games Here applock and its advanced protection is also available like below figure: we need to deal with these two apk.

How To Freeze Or Uninstall Applock Advanced Protection In Android Without Enter Password Again.

Step:6) Now click on applock and then click on tool option


Step:7) After that click on  "Disable package (freeze) " option

 How To Freeze Or Uninstall Applock Advanced Protection In Android Without Enter Password Again.

Step:8) Then you successfully freeze applock 

Step:9) Now again we need to follow same procedure for applock advanced protection so simply click on "advanced protection"

Step:10) Now agian click on tool >>Disable package (freeze)

How To Freeze Or Uninstall Applock Advanced Protection In Android Without Enter Password Again.

(2)  How To Unfreeze Or Defrost  App lock Advance Protection

Step:1) Open lucky patcher app it will show you all installed app and games and go to below of the list here you see your two freezed app (applock and advanced protection).

Step:2) Click on applock and go to tool >>Enable package  ,so now applock is defrost

How To Freeze Or Uninstall Applock Advanced Protection In Android Without Enter Password Again.

Step:3) Again you need to unfreeze Advanced protection so simply click on Tool>>Enable package

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That's it friends you successfully hack applock advanced protection by freezing them and unlock applock for android or we can say you successfully crack app lock password. The system app that was annoying the heck out of you is now gone from sight, and will never ever come back to haunt you again. Simple stuff, really, but things like this make the Android experience much more enjoyable.

Do you have a different way to remove annoying crapware bundled with your phone? If so, share in the comments!