How you Hack All Android Phone Contacts from a App called AFLogical forensis tool 2017

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In my previous post i explain easy method to hack facebook ,whatsapp,instagram,snapchat etc So you need to read my previous post ,because that is must read article,generally  android  is  the  most  versatile  platform  ever  produced.  So for the  request  of  many  readers  today  I  am  going  to  start  a article  which is  all about  android .many time  you should realize that Android gadgets are massively more customisable than their Apple iOS counterparts, but the tough part is figuring out how exactly to customize them  for  us.actually  we  don't have  enough  knowledge  about  What  type  of  apps do I need? What settings will help you to get the most out of your gadget?so  for  the  problem  of  this  situation  i  am  coming here to take  a very  interested  article  which  tells  you  all  feature  of  android  which  is  actually  you  don't  know.

And also Hacking android phone is not simple task like hacking pc . In today  Many hackers and stealer's always try to something new to hack your phone and for your kind information he is so intelligent but today i am going to explain you how easily the hackers or forensics team grab all your contacts when you are not connect to the Internet.This trick is very simple trick ,This all happen because In the market a new forensics tool named AFlogical OSE come which is open source, This tool used by many forensics department and security agency to extract phone contacts from your android phone before few month ago this app is not for public use or we can open source due to security or privacy resion.This AFlogical OSE android application can extract all of your  android phone's  contacts,mms,call logs,phone information and sms etc.

And you know With this tool anyone can extract or hack android phone contacts from any android mobile and the very important is that the size of AFlogical OSE forensics apk  is only 30kb on disk.Basically i call this app as "ANDROID FORENSICS CONTACTS HACKING" tool.Before move on the actual topic i want to tell something about AFLogical tool .

AFLogical™ Open Source Edition (OSE) : Forensics Tool

Basically AFLogical OSE is not open source tool but before few months back it is available in the market as open source.It is the  best of best free android forensics tool among all other tools . After using this This android forensics tool you can easily extract all type of calls,messages and sms in csv format of your own android mobile also your friend's mobile .This hacking and forensics android tool is made for forensics department.But this lite version is public so anyone can download this tool from official website.AFLocical OSE pulls all MMS,SMS, Contacts, and Call Logs from your Android device.When you extract all data you can simply analyze all data in readable format.
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Steps For How Can You Use This Tool For Hacking Android Contacts,MMS,SMS,Calling Detail etc.

This how to will walk you through the use of AFLogical OSE to extract data from an android mobile device.using Android Forensics tool you can easily Hack ya Grab Any Android Phone Contacts from OSE simply follow below given steps

Step:1) First of all you need to  Download AFLogical OSE Forensics Tool from its Official Website you can go here and download it directly

Step:2) After downloading simply install it on your android device like other's app

  How you Hack All Android Phone Contacts from a App called AFLogical forensis tool 2015-2016

Step:3) Now open this tool a new window come having many option simply Click on select all button in AFLogical android app.(See below picture for clear understanding)

 How you Hack All Android Phone Contacts from a App called AFLogical forensis tool 2015-2016

Step:4) Now when you tick all the option a new screen will be open here simply you need to  Click on the capture button which is located on the lower right corner of the screen.
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Step:5) When you click on capture button a new popup message coming infront you and say "data extraction completed" .The tool save the extracted file as txt or csv format which are easily readable . Android phone all contacts and other information extract in  sdcard of your folder named forensics.

 How you Hack All Android Phone Contacts from a App called AFLogical forensis tool 2015-2016
Note: This is make sure you must have an sd card installed on your android mobile( or a built in sd card) to extract the data.
Step:6) Now time come to See extract Data of AFLogical OSE simply naviagte to File manager>>sdcard>>and find the folder named "Forensics" open it 

 How you Hack All Android Phone Contacts from a App called AFLogical forensis tool 2015-2016

Step:7) When you open Forensics folder you find another folder.Open that folder also and here you can see many txt or csv format file.You can find all the information here in the form of txt or csv file.

 How you Hack All Android Phone Contacts from a App called AFLogical forensis tool 2015-2016

Step:8) Open file one by one and analyze this data.Open this file to read contacts from es note editor or any other editor.

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How To Steal All Contact Of Your Friends Or Any Other Person's Android Mobile

If you read the above given article carefully then you realize that you can easily hack the contact ,call details etc ..of your friend's mobile if you access his mobile for few minutes.If you want to do that simply follow all the given above steps (step 1 to step 7) and send all the txt or csv files to your android mobile via any file sending medium like bluetooth .when you transfer these file to your android mobile simply open it using es editor application or any other txt editor application for android phone.
Note:All the information provide here is only for educational purpose ,i am not telling you that use this forensics tool for bad purpose.This is forensics use not for hacking use.If you do this  for any  illegal purpose So I will not responsible for that.Please grow up friends.
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