11+ Best ANDROID Hacking Apps For Hackers (Rooted Or Unroot Phone) 2017

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In my previous post i explain  easy method to hack facebook ,whatsapp,instagram,snapchat etc So you need to read my previous post ,because that is must read article for everyone.Now today i am going to provide you top most important hacking application list for your android phone (rooted or unrooted device) .if you are looking for the post like this ,definitely you are a deserving hacker so for your knowledge i give best 11 + apps which are useful for your daily life ,In my previous post I explain how to install kali linux on your android device as you know kali is the best tool for hacker but don't worry without kali you can do anything before 10 days ago i posted a article how to hack wifi using android phone without kali so you think everything possible yes its almost right.

Now going to our actual tutorial i just want to say some of the application required root or some work fine without rooted device ,so first you need a rooted device if you have not rooted phone don't worry you can easily root your phone simply going to my this article " how to root android device in single click "  if above tutorial not helpful i mean not work for your android device then go to this "  <<tutorial>> " here i give the list of some best application which are useful to root your phone with and without computer

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#1- Faceniff :-(Root Required)

Faceniff Is An Android App That Allows You To Sniff And Intercept Web Session Profiles Over The Wifi That Your Mobile Is Connected To.
Legal notice: this application is for educational purposes only. Do not try to use it if it's not legal in your country.I do not take any responsibility for anything you do using this application. Use at your own risk
This app required rooted android device if you wish to root your device pleass refer to this tutorial if above tutorial not helpful for your then try tutorial for root your android phone.when you have rooted device then you easily.

Hijack Sessions Only When Wifi Is Not Using EAP (point to be noted)  But It Should Work Over Any Private Networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)
Faceniff is android app which  Almost Like Firesheep For Android. Maybe A Bit Easier To Use (And It Works On WPA2!).

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IMPORTENT:This apk is limited to use only 3 hijacked profiles, if you want more - you will need activation code. You can buy it from its official site you can download trial version from below given link.

<<Download HERE >>

#2-Penetrate Pro:- (for rooted)

Penetrate Pro android app allows to decode and access a secure Wifi Network from Android.Penetrate Android would be a great handy app for you to get access to the secure wifi network from Android Smartphone and Devices. The app calculates WEP/WPA keys for some WiFi routers and lets you to get access by using the password. Unlock WiFI with Penetrate pro Android App.

Penetrate Pro calculates WEP/WPA keys for various wireless routers such as Thomson, Discus, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, Orange, SpeedTouch, DLink, Eircom, BigPond, O2Wireless routers. The most recent version of the app comes with new features and can decode Thomson router with 3G lookup, extra dictionary not necessary to download.

Use wisely this app, Hacking or cracking WiFI network is not something we recommend you to do. Use this app only for test purpose with permission from network owners. The app aimed to use in penetration testing to improve security setting for wireless networks.

Important:some antivirus apps for android think Penetrate Pro as a virus because it is a security-related tool. Don't panic as Penetrate can in no way affect the regular function of your phone.

Penetrate was developed for Android by Diogo Ferreira
Package name : org.underdev.penetrate.apk
File size: 158KB

Download Penetrate Pro Android Apk v2.1.1 from << here >>
Note:--Penetrate pro is a Free Android App. Since the app is no longer available on google play store you can Download Penetrate pro apk from the link above found online. This is an old android app and may not work as expected for newer wireless routers.

#3- SpoofApp android app:-

when you install this application in your phone, then this application makes it possible for you to make anonymous calls to anyone you want, without them identifying you, nor your voice. The application gives you an opportunity to change your output number, hence make it harder for the person you are calling to make out the number. When the user tries to make a call to you using the output number you had placed, then the call cannot go through as it was self-generated. This is the main thing in making use if this application, as you will only have the people you trust with your personal number.

Here Is An App That Spies At Heart Could Use  SpoofApp. It Allows You To Use A Fake Caller Id A Number That You Are Free To Specify Yourself, In Order To Protect Your Privacy Or To Pull A Prank On Someone. Sounds Like Fun, Doesn't It? Well, Apple Didn't Think So, Which Is Why It Never Allowed The App To Enter Its App Store. Google, However, Didn't Mind, Which Is Why Spoofapp Was Available On The Android Market For About Two And A Half Years. However, It Was Banned From There Last Year As It Allegedly Was In Conflict With The Truth In Caller Id Act Of 2009.this Can Be Useful In Social Engineering.

After Using this application you are able to :

Change your voice:
This application makes it possible for you to change the tone of your voice, hence making it harder for people to identify you easily. With this feature, then you will never have to worry about people getting to identify you by voice, hence a better way of calling people you do not want them having your phone number.

Record capability:
As long as you are Making A Fake Call, you will need to make sure you have evidence of what you told the other person, just in case they go to a court of law. This is the reason why the developers of this application made it possible for you to record conversations made through the application. With this in hand, then you can present the evidence to any court of law, and prove yourself to be innocent, just in case someone wants to pin you down

Cons About This Application
    Unlike other Spoofing Services, this application can only be used in an android enabled phone, meaning other mobile phone users cannot use this application. The other down side on using this application is the fact that you might need to by credits to have an exclusive use of the application.
    you can Download it from << HERE >> 
    Must Read:

    #4- Wifikill :- (Requires Rooted Phone)

    This App Will Kick Other Devices Off A Wi-fi Network , Basically Programmed To Increase Your Bandwidth Speed By Kicking All The Connected Devices Slowing Down Your Internet Speed.Very Useful Tool.I Have Been Using This App for More Than A Year.Works Flawlessly.Must Try.

    We heard about WiFiKill a while ago, but it just seemed too, well, evil to write about until now. The app disables the connection of other devices on the same Wi-Fi network; essentially you can bump people off without them knowing.
    WiFiKill is designed to take revenge on bandwidth hogs who are slowing down your network. As developer bponury describes it on the XDA Developers forum.
    So if someone (anyone) is abusing the internet wasting precious bandwidth for a Justin Bieber videoclips you could just kill their connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth just for yourself.

    The app works only with rooted phones and works, similarly to FaceNiff, by spoofing ARP replies to trick other devices on the network into thinking your Android phone is the router. WiFiKill then drops all their network packets. To the victims, it still appears as if they are connected to the network, but the internet just appears to have stalled.

    Besides pranking people, pure selfishness, and meanness, WiFiKill might have some use for controlling devices on your own network. For example, if you're a small business owner and you don't want to allow your staff to use the Wi-Fi network during certain hours, you or your IT admin could kill their connection (of course, you could do this from the router too, but perhaps you want to do it from your phone). Perhaps you're a parent and want to cut off an errant teenager's internet access.

    Just as we've seen with network sniffing tools, WiFiKill also demonstrates weaknesses in Wi-Fi security, so you can certainly consider it an educational tool. The app, however, was considered too evil for Android Market and Google pulled it, so you'll have to get it from the XDA Developers forum. (Try not to be too evil with your power!)

     You can Download wifikill from << here  >>

    #5-Android Network Toolkit (By Zimperium)

    named Android Network Toolkit (or in short - ANTI), allows professional penetration testers, ethical hackers, IT and home users to scan for security issues in their network.ANTI won the Hack Tool of the Year 2011 Award by THN, PCMagazine's editor's choice and many other prizes for a reason. Here's a short video describing ANTI's features.The app is also capable of mapping your network, scanning for vulnerable devices or configuration issues. It is for use by the amateur security enthusiast home user to the professional penetration tester, ANTI provides many other useful features such as: easy connection to open ports, visual sniffing (URLs & Cookies) and - establishing MiTM attacks (using predefined and user-defined filters), Server Side / Client Side Exploits, Password cracker to determine password's safety level, Replace Image as visual in demos and Denial of Service attacks. All this is packed into a very user-friendly and intuitive Android app (and soon to be released iOS app).
    As zImperium chose to enable ANTI via their website, rather than through the market, thus the APK is installed manually by a few simple steps:

    Go to this tutorial and follow the instructions there. You will receive a download link to your email. Open this link from your smartphone and then install the app as instructed. (Make sure that 3rd Party Applications is enabled in Settings->Applications->Unknown Sources.)

    #6- Wifi Analyzer:-

    you van easily Turns Your Android Phone Into A Wi-fi Analyzer.
    If your router is connected to the same channel as those used by other Wi-Fi networks in the nearby vicinity, you could experience a slow connection or one that frequently drops out. By configuring your router to use a channel that's less crowded (or ideally not used by anyone else) then you can avoid these problems. You could just try flicking between different channels on your router until you get the best Wi-Fi experience. Alternatively, you can download this free app that does the hard work for you.

    Once you've installed Wi-Fi Analyzer, you're presented with a graph that shows the different Wi-Fi networks nearby in different colours and the channels they are currently using along with the strength of signal. This will give you an idea of whether your network has a strong or weak signal and whether the channel is currently set to is crowded or not. You can also view the signal strength of ach of the networks in the style of a speedometer in a car and see network details such as security levels and exactly which channel they're using

    Note:Download From Google Play Store

    #7- Nmap :-

    Network Mapper , Best For Network Scanning Among All The Available Network Scanners Available For Android. Nmap Gives The Entire Information Of The IP Address And Website. Nmap Works On Both Rooted And Non Rooted Phones. On Non Rooted Phones You Will Be Limited To Functions Which Are Possible As Non-Root User (i.e. No OS Fingerprinting, SYN Scan, Etc).
    Note: Download it from google play store

    #8- AnDOSid :-

    AnDOSid Is Designed For Security Professionals Only! AnDOSid Is Application Which Is Used For Dos Attacks From Android Mobile Phones.AnDOSid Tag's Posts With Two Unique Numbers Which Relate To The Android Device That Sent The Request. AnDOSid Allows Security Professionals To Simulate A DOS Attack .AnDOSid is designed for security professionals only! AnDOSid tag's posts with two unique numbers which relate to the Android device that sent the request.

    AnDOSid allows security professionals to simulate a DOS attack (A http post flood attack to be exact) and of course a dDOS on a web server, from mobile phones.
    AnDOSid is actively being developed and I welcome feedback from the security community as to how you would like the application to evolve.

    #9- SSHDroid:- Android Secure Shell

    Secure Shell Or SSH Is The Best Protocol That Provides An Extra Layer Of Security While You Are Connecting With Your Remote Machine.SSHDroid Is A SSH Server Implementation For Android.
    This Application Will Let You Connect To Your Device From A Pc And Execute Commands (like Terminal And Adb Shell).

     Note: you can Download it  From Google Play Store

    #10- Busybox:- (Requires Rooted Phone)

    A Must Have For Any Rooted Phone! Almost Every Rooted Applications Needs Busybox To Perform Their Magic, If You Have A Rooted Phone Then You Need Busybox. BusyBox is software that provides several stripped-down Unix tools in a single executable file. It runs in a variety of POSIX environments such as Linux, Android,FreeBSD and others, such as proprietary kernels, although many of the tools it provides are designed to work with interfaces provided by the Linux kernel. It was specifically created for embedded operating systems with very limited resources. In late 2007, BusyBox also came to prominence for actively prosecuting violations of the terms of its license (the GPL) in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.  
    Note: you can Download busybox From Google Play Store easily

    #11- Droidsheep:- ( Rooted Phone required)

    Droidsheep Is An Android App For Security Analysis In Wireless Networks And Capturing Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin And Other Accounts.Droidsheep Guard Is Another Android App For Monitoring Androids Arp-table. It Tries To Detect Arp-spoofing On The Network, Such As An Attack By Droidsheep, Faceniff And Other Software.

    Please Note :-

    Droidsheep Was Developed As A Tool For Testing The Security Of Your Accounts And Is Based On My Bachelor Thesis With Title ├ó€┼ôsession Hijacking On Android Devices. This Software Is Neither Made For Using It In Public Networks, Nor For Hijacking Any Other Persons Account.

    It Should Only Demonstrate The Poor Security Properties Network Connections Without Encryption Have.So Do Not Get Droidsheep To Harm Anybody Or Use It In Order To Gain Unauthorized Access To Any Account You Do Not Own! Use This Software Only For Analyzing Your Own Security!

    Source:- Droidsheep

    Download:-Google To Download It , And Droidsheep Guard Available From Google Play Store

    Now here is the end of the article ,this is overall information for you i think,if you know more application like these given above apps  please do share with us .Thanks for visit Extra-Tips-Tricks ,have a nice day friends.if you like my post please don't forget to share it on facebook or any where whatever you want.also don't forget to like my facebook fan page for newly updates .

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