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Best Android Hack To Increase Internet Speed In Android Phone Or Tablet 2017

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Hello friends today i am coming with an article which is helpful to  increase your android phone's  internet speed . If you don't know how to boot your internet speed then you come in right place.As it is with any other desktop or mobile operating system, the performance of your Android OS will start to diminish after you use it for some time. Mobile operating systems are supposed to be lighter and faster to keep up with our need to be on the move, yet still give us access to everything. Want to have the best of both worlds? Then, it's time to do some housekeeping. Nowadays internet is one of the major source of entertainment. People uses internet on their personal computer/devices like Android, iPhone etc to get connected with their friends OR loved once, They also spend time on internet watching videos or movies, playing online games etc

But it is very difficult to do these stuff on a slow internet connection while you are on a desktop, laptop OR any portable device like mobile phone, tablet but do you know that you can easily boost up your internet speed on desktop or laptops with many tools and software like Net Speed Booster which is easily available on the internet.

If you have noticed that your Android phones performance have been slowing down, particularly after you've been loading it up with tons of Android apps (we don't blame you) from the Google Play store, we have a few tips to share with you.which are is helpful to regain your internet speed, lets see how to increase internet speed on android.

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Best Android Hacks to maximize the speed of your internet connection:

#1) Use UC Browsers Instead Of Other Browser.

best android hack to increase  internet speed in android phone or tablet

On android devices, UC Browser in the fastest browser. It can help you to browse OR download things faster as compared to any other browsers. This 3rd party app is more user-friendly and use fewer resources which makes it faster.
Note: you can Get UC Browser for your android device from Google play store.

#2) Use 4G Instead Of 3G

Many of the android devices now support 4G network, But by default the network connection priority is set to 3G. So you can switch your network to 4G to increase your internet speed. Follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings of your android device and  Click on "More" > "Mobile Networks" > Preferred network type > Select "4G"
  • OR in some android devices the, It should be like this: "Settings" > "Wireless & Networks" > "Mobile Network" > Select "4G"

#3) Block 3rd Party Apps From Using The Internet:

Some android apps use internet in the background, This can make your internet slow whenever you are using it. So you can block their access by using DroidWall OR NoRoot Firewall.
Note: you can download both app (DroidWall and NoRoot) from Google play store its free.

#4) USE These Top Apps Which Are Useful To Boost Your Internet Speed.

There are many apps in Google play store which offer to boost internet speed but Here are 8 Android apps that can help boost speeds to tolerable levels, and help you survive the long holiday gatherings.that some of them only work with rooted devices.I hope these apps are useful to boost the internet speed on your android device.
 Note: Sorry Here i am not provide you direct link for download these below listed apps because of broken links so you can directly download them from Google play store its available here .Some are paid apps but don't worry you can hack paid apps and games easily using black-mart app if you want full tutorial on how to hack paid apps try my previous guide which is all about how to hack android paid apps..

1-Internet Booster & Optimizer

Internet Booster & Optimizer is an Android app thatcomes with a series of commands that prioritizes the browser among the other applications that are using the Internet. This means that one can dig out more speed from the available Internet connection. It usuallypauses the secondary apps that are using Internet, cleans RAM & cache memory and flushes the DNS to make sure that most of the Internet speed is utilized by browser only.

2-Faster Internet 2X

Faster Internet 2X provides a convenient way to get more speed from 3G and 4G cellular networks. The app is designed using special programming scripts that will boost the Internet speed to approximately twice of what's available. This provides a better Internet user experience.It works fine with both rooted and non-rooted Android phones. The app displays ads that can be disabled.

3-Internet Speed Booster

Internet Speed Booster isan easy-to-use app with a sleek and minimal design. It uses a unique algorithm that can increase the Internet Speed of your Android device with a single tap of your finger. Internet Speed Booster app is designed in a way that has it working impeccably with rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices.

4-Internet Speed Master

Internet Speed Master is a nice app with around 1 million installs from around the globe. The app adjusts the TCP/IP settings by modifying the system files to improve the Internet speed of one's Android device. It is advised to make a backup of your device's content before trying this app. It isdesigned for almost all types of ROM and can be used for all Android devices.

5-Internet Booster (Root)

Internet Booster (Root) uses a different method for getting more out of the available Internet connection. It basicallychanges the configurations of system ROM to increase the Internet speed to 40% to 70% higher than before. Internet Booster (Root) only works with Rooted Android Devices which means one shouldallow the Super User privileges to run this application properly.

6-Free Internet Speed Booster

Free Internet Speed Booster is another Android app which could possibly help you get rid of the slow Internet speed. It increases the Internet speed from 40% to 80% more than usual by improving the Ping latency, halting the unnecessary background apps and managing a balance between parallel connections. Free Internet Speed Booster does not require a rooted Android device.

7-3G Speed Booster

3G Speed Booster is a small sized app that helps you get more speed from your 3G. There are some background apps that consume Internet bandwidth excessively, 3G Speed Booster scans all the background apps that are using Internet and disables them to give twice the Internet speed to your Android device. This app works efficiently with 3G networks only.

8-Internet Speed Booster 3G/4G

Internet Speed Booster 3G/4G appenables a user to load websites and stream videos at a speed which is equivalent to 3G/4G Internet speed. It may increase the Internet speed from 30% to 40%. This depends on the strength of the signal available to the Android phone at that time. This app works for both rooted and non-rooted Android phones.

#5) Remove Unwanted Apps

Every app you install in your phone take some storage space and runs some background processes. The more storage space occupied or the more background processes running on your phone, the slower your phone's  performance

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Extra Tips Tricks (Bonus) :

1) Always clear your android's memory cache, This can help allot if you don't know how to delete cache then follow this steps go to "file manage">>find the folder named "android" open it and delete "data " folder .
  • 2) Browse internet with Block Image Search option, This can speed up your browsing
  • 3) Don't run more than 2-3 apps while browsing the internet as this can reduce your internet speed .Use task killer app which is useful to kill your task try google play store to install .
  • 4) Make sure that the Auto-Update feature is disabled for apps that are not so important
If you follow the above-given suggestions, tips and tweaks will help in making your Android faster and smoother while in use. Have other Android-related performance-enhancing tips and tricks? Let us know.

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