5 Best Methods To Recover Data On Android 2017 (Root And Without root)

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Hello friends i heartily welcome you in this blog extra-tips-tricks .Today I am going to provide you a best article which is all about how you can recover your deleted items .I know this is the big problem we face every time,but don't worry here I provide you 5 best method which are useful to retrieve your permanently deleted pictures,videos,documents,etc.For your kind information this article is only for android smartphone users and given all 5 method only work on android device.

You have accidentally deleted your important files on Android Smartphone? Now, not to worry any more, we have the solution for how to recover deleted files on android.By using below given ,method I am sure that you can easily get back your important data, contact details, important messages, notes, audio files, videos, graphics, wallpapers etc. that are lost accidentally or due to some error i.e. Recover deleted files android. We have the best android data recovery software & app for android which can help you to easily recover deleted files on android device. Now you don't need to worry about losing your important data and information from your android smartphone as you can easily get back everything (recover deleted files android) by installing this selected best android data recovery app & software for android.

So don't wasting your time friends lets continue today's tutorial Below are the 5 best and advanced methods to recover your lost or deleted data from your Android device (recover deleted files android):

#1 Mobiledic Android Data Recovery

Mobiledic Android Data Recovery is one of the best on this list because of its success rate and user friendly interface.The application vigorously scans both the internal and external phone memory of the device.You don't need to care about Whatever happened to your Android devices, such as rooted, accident deletion, damaged, broken, factory restore reset or broken, etc.It is rapidly and efficiently retrieve lost or deleted data from Android devices.Aside from this you can also save the recovery session which you can use to recover additional files without re scanning your device.For knowing how to use this software for recover your deleted files read full instruction by going to this link how to use mobiledic android recovery program step by step instruction

Some Of It's Great Feature:

1.) Quick delete file recovery
2.) scans internal phone memory external phone memory areas
3.) Retrieve data from improperly mounted sd card
4.) Remove lock screen Passcode/PIN without Data Loss.
5.) Robustly recover contacts, SMS, and call from internal storage.

Download  Mobiledic Android Data Recovery  software from it's official website


The data of your Android phone may be lost for various causes: delete mistakenly, format SD card, factory reset by accident, failed to upgrade, make a root, or other mis-operations. And you may get into trouble about How to rescue the important contacts, SMS, photos, videos and other document files from Android. If you are looking for data recovery software for Android, look no more, as this anvanced data recovery app for Android has got just what you need. Sophisticated yet easy-to-use, the program provides an easy way to recover contacts, SMS, images, music songs, videos, documents, archives and more data from Android phone.

Windows 7/2008/2003/2000/Vista/XP/NT

Now follow Steps to know how to recover deleted files on android by Potatoshare's software:

First of all you need to download android data recovery software by Potatoshare and install it in your PC.you can download it from below given link.

  << download link>>
STEP 2: Now Enable USB debugging mode in your android device from your Android setting app.

STEP 3: After enable debugging mode simply Connect your android device with your PC via cable.

When you connect your device with your pc you can see two options in software:
  • 1) Scan contacts, call history and messages
  • 2) Scan photos, videos or other files
Now, if you want to recover contact, call history and message then simply  click on first option. And if you want to recover photos, videos or other files  click on second option. If you wish to recover all deleted files from android then click on both the options.

STEP 5: When you click on appropriate box don't do anything simply click on START button.

After clicking on start button, the software's scanning process will begin. When scanning process gets done, you will see the deleted files with previews under different types of tabs. Select the files which you would like to restore on your Android device. Now click on Recover button, don't worry it will take couple of minutes to recover deleted file on your android device. When the recovery process is done, you can now able to see deleted files on your Android device

#3  How To Recover Lost Data From Android Using Android Data Recovery Program.

It is a wonderful data recovery tool for android smartphones Tunesbro disklab for android is one of the best company helps in android recover deleted files & provides various android data recovery, rooting, backup and video converting applications for Android devices. Android data recovery app called Data Recovery Machine for Android developed by Recovery-Android is one of the most trusted and reliable app for recovering deleted files from Android smartphone and tablets. Main recovering areas are videos, messages, images, contacts and other files which help safeguard your phone,set it up for easy recover when it gets lost ,and prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Follow easy steps to know how to recover deleted files on android by tunesbro disklab

STEP 1:)
First of all you are required to download disklab for android software provided by Tunesbro disklab .you can download it from below link

<<download link>>
STEP:2)  When you download successfully you need to install it in your pc

STEP 3:) Now you need to enable debugging on your android phone,here you have three ways to do it according to different android os version.
  • 1) For android 2.3 or earlier:Enter "setting"<click "application"<click "development" <check "usb debugging"
  • 2) For android 3.0 to 4.1 :Enter "setting "<click "developer" option< check "usb debugging"
  • 3) For android 4.2 or newer :enter "setting"<<click "about phone"<tap "build number" for several times until getting a note you are under developer mode<<back to "setting"<<click "developer" option <check "usb debugging" .
STEP 4: now after enable debugging mode Connect your android device with your PC with USB cable. Now, open the software of android data recovery which you have installed previously in your PC.

STEP 5: you need to wait for few seconds till software to recognize your android device in the app. After detecting, click on green start button to start scanning the device. Now look at your android device, if it shows any pop ups for permission, click on ALLOW.

STEP 6: don't panic Scanning process will take a couple of minute to scan your whole device, generally it's depends on the storage of your android device. Once the software has completed its scanning process, you will see several files on your screen with red marked. These are the files which were deleted from your Android device. Now select those files which you would like to restore from device by marking the checkbox next to it and then click on RECOVER button.

That's it guys !

#4 How To Recover Deleted Data From Android With Remo  Recover Tool

Remo Recover for Android is specially designed to recover data from Android phones. The application vigorously scans both the internal and external phone memory of the device, to identify lost or deleted files, including Android application package files (APK), and restores them for reuse

Advanced Features

  • Preview of all recoverable files 
  • Quick deleted file recovery
  • Recovers all music, image and video files including .apk files
  • Scans SD cards
  • Scans internal phone memory and external phone memory areas
  • Ability to create SD card replica image files to perform recovery at a later stage.
  • Retrieve data from improperly mounted SD cards (Cards with corrupt file system)
  • Save recovery session to avoid re-scanning

Why Remo Recover For Android Recovery?

  • Fast and effective 
  • Safe, easy and secure
  • Robust software
  • Free trial version
  • Simple user interface
  • Virus / malware free
  • Nominal disk space requirement for installation
  • Free customer support

System Requirements:

  • Operating System  Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 
  • RAM 1 GB RAM (Recommended, 2 GB RAM)
  • Free disk space 50 MB (for installation)
Note: You must log in to your Windows PC as Local System Administrator to install the software
You can download it From given link.<<download link >>


Yodot is the most trusted company name developing android data recovery software for PCs and Android devices. Recovery from Android app developed by Yodot has a user friendly interface and lets you recover deleted files android. This software also provides the preview function from which you can see the preview of deleted videos, music and images. Aside from this you can also save the recovery session which you can use to recover additional files without rescanning your device again.It is most useful software for recovering deleted photo ,generally many photographer use this software .

Simply Follow this guide  to recover deleted files from your Android device: 

STEP 1: First of all download Yodot recovery from android software and install it on your PC.

STEP 2: Enable USB debugging mode in your android device and connect it to your PC via micro USB cable.

STEP 3: Now open Yodot recovery from android app and select recovery option. There are also two options:
  • Deleted file recovery 
  •  Lost file recovery.
STEP 4: Your device will now detected via software. Now select your Android device storage and click Next button. 

Software will now scan your whole android device for deleted or lost files. Once scanning process is done, you will see your deleted file or lost files with different folders.

Select the files which you would like to recover on your android device. Now click on Next button, the recovery process will start. It will take couple of minutes to recover the lost data [how to recover deleted files on android]

After recovering process is getting done, you will recover deleted files on android device.


There is an app called Dumpster  Recycle bin in Google Play Store. This is one of the best data recovery android app which can recover deleted files from android device (android recover deleted files). You can find many apps in Google Play Store to recover lost files on android but Dumpster  Recycle bin does a pretty good job in this. Currently this app only supports recovering deleted photos, videos and documents. Message and contact recovering function is currently not available. This is app is used by millions of Android users and it works fine on most Android devices.

Follow below steps to know how to recover deleted files on android:

STEP 1: First of all download and install Dumpster  Recycle bin app in your android device.(Not pc )

when you install simply Open the app and click on the refresh button at top of the app. when you click on refresh button It will start scanning your device for your deleted and lost files. After refreshing process gets done, you can see your deleted files in the app.

STEP 3:for retrieve your desire file you need to  Long press on the file which you want to recover. You will see the pop up, click on preview button to see the files inside and click on restore button to restore it successfully in your android device

STEP 4: That' s it! The file is now successfully restored on your android device. This app is very handy and easy to recover deleted files on Android device.

These are the most successful methods on how to recover deleted files on Android. If you find any difficulties or stuck on any step, comment below. We will provide full guidelines to recover your lost data from android device

I hope you enjoy this post and using above method you ca successfully restore your deleted data easily. ,if you like this  please share it with your friends,also don't forget to join me on facebook .

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