How To Use any android Mobile Device as a Wireless Mouse to control your Windows PC and Mac

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Hello friends today we are coming with a great article which is how to use your mobile 
device as a wireless mouse for control your windows pc and mac.As we know that we are so lazy (lol) that's why  Sometimes while we are  watching movie or doing some work while sitting on your bed or couch and screen some distance away from our computer or mac we want to control our pc like a remote control..when we watching movie on tv ,we use remote as a controller . You want to remotely control your Pc like a Tv remote. For that there is wireless mouse available in market for people like you. But think if you have not much money to buy external remote control for your pc  so why are you  waste money if you can control your PC from your mobile device only.

Did you know there are  lots of app and tools available on the market that can use for control your pc via mobile ( almost every smart phone) .so lets you use your mobile device as a wireless mouse. Like TeamViewer awesome app to control your device remotely from anywhere. 

Importent : if you want to use your mobile as a remote `control you make sure that internet connection to be enabled on both your mobile and pc.

now start today's tutorial ,as for your understanding Here i am giving  some of the best tested free apps that can let you use your mobile device as a wireless mouse for your laptop or pc.and strat with first one

1) WiFi Mouse

Free wifi mouse lives up to its promise in that it does turn your device into a usable wireless mouse.This wireless mouse connects easily to computers with a genuin windows 7 oprating system and built-in wi-fi Its a free app available for Android and Ios device and work for both Windows Pc and Mac.Transfer your phone/tablet into a wirelss mouse, keyboard and trackpad using wi-fi mouse.wifi mouse support speech -to -text as well as multi finger trackpad gesture.wifi mouse enables you to control your pc, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection. There is option for both Left /Right click  and scroll. By its auto connect option, its really very easy to connect and set up connection.  This app even gives you a wireless keyboard feature also.

IMPORTENT :For this you need to connect both of your device with wi-fi. You can use some Wi-Fi router for this or can create Portable Hotspot on your Mobile device only.

<* you can downoload   it from its official website *>
Feature Of WiFi Mouse:
  • Mouse curser movement
  • Left and right click support
  • Middle mouse button scroll
  • Remote keyboard input
  • Speech to text input for all languages
  • Mouse and keyboard full screen
  • Auto connect on application startup
  • Support RDP ( remote desktop protocol )
  • Compatible with xp /window vista/window 7 / mac OSX/Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Support android and IOS
Some Of Gestures: 
* Tap-to-click
* Two finger tap for right click
* Two finger scroll
* Pinch to zoom
* Three finger drag or highlight
* Four finger swipe up to maximize current window
* Four finger swipe down to show desktop
* Four finger swipe sideways to change current window focus
* Left handed mouse support (swap left and right mouse click

But you know wifi mouse available in free and pro version.most of the feature of  app are not available on free version if you want to enjoy full feature of wifi mouse you need to  buy the pro version for that. But if you want to use it as a wireless mouse without any extra feature then free version  works good for your desire feedback.

2) Remote Mouse 

Remote mouse turns your mobile phone or tablet into a wireless user-friendly remote control for your computer.Its perfect combination of 3 most common remote control devices.with smarter multi-touch gesture,all you need is to click and slide.Its anothe free app to use your Android Mobile device as a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard. It is similar like Wi-Fi Mouse exept  all its features are available for free.

 <* you can download  it from its official website *>
Lovely Features:
  • Typing with voice
  • Recording and sharing ideas has never been so easy
  • Air mouse mode
  • Move mouse by swaying -optimized control for handheld device
  • Power option
  • Shut down,restart ,or put computer to sllep mode in one click
  • It works in both landscape and portrait mode and Works under WiFi and 3G Network. 
  • It isCompatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista and with Mac OSX Lion/Snow leopard/Leopard.
Super Easy 30 Second Setup:

You first have to download Remote Mouse for both your mobile and pc. Then you need to connect your devices with wi-fi. You can use wifi router or your portable Hotspot for that. Now launch the app on both mobile and pc. And now tap the Auto Connect Button on your mobile device. And now you can use your mobile device as a wireless mouse.
thats it

3) Windows 8 Controller Free

This tool is  specially design to control your Windows 8 Pc via your mobile device. This tool is available on both Pro and Free we give step by step procedure to use windows 8 controller . 

Step:1) first of all You need to download Windows 8 Server app for your PC and apps in your device. Soon its IOS version will also available.YOU NEED to connect your device to your pc

Use your any Mobile Device as a Wireless Mouse to control your Windows PC and Mac

Step:2) After installing it on your mobile device and its server on your Pc. You can chose from the two options which is given bellow,

Use your any Mobile Device as a Wireless Mouse to control your Windows PC and Mac

Auto Connect : To connect automatically, when tap it automatically connect your devices.

Manual Connect : If you have problem in Auto Connect, you can try this manual method to connect your devices. But keep in mind that both of your devices should be connected to same Wi-Fi network.

Step:3)  now this time to make connection for this you need to enter the IP shown in the server side. After adding that Ip to your mobile app. It will connect it automatically.

Use your any Mobile Device as a Wireless Mouse to control your Windows PC and Mac Use your any Mobile Device as a Wireless Mouse to control your Windows PC and Mac

Step:4) When got connected, a blank screen will be appear on your Android Device. Now you can move your finger on this to control your mouse pointer. There are two Start and Calendar look Button at the bottom left.see bellow steps for clear understanding.
  • Left Click, you need to tap One Finger. Like you do on your Laptop touch pad.
  • For Right Click tap two finger Simultaneously
  • For Double click, tap one finger twice. Like you do on Touch Pad.
  • You can also Scroll by moving fingers over Scroll areas.
  • For Zoom In and Zoom Out you can move your finger towards and away from each other.
  • To control the volume of your PC, you can either use onscreen volume control or your phone Volume button.
  •  To get Tile Screen , tap on the title icon.

There are many built in shortcuts in this app. But most of them are for Pro version. For accessing all those features, you need to buy the pro version. But if you just want to enjoy the wireless mouse feature, you can use this free version only.

You can tell us , if you have tried more apps like these in comments. And if you have any problem in using these apps, you can ask it. We are always happy to help.if you like this article and find bit useful please share it .