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Simple way for unlock android Phone after too many wrong pattern attempts 2017

By Admin
Today  in  this  blog  I  am going  to explain a way to unlock your android phone pattern lock after to many wrong attempts.Generally almost  android mobile users use pattern lock to prevent their sencitive data from bad people.i have seen the question so many times that how to unlock pattern lock that is locked due to many of wrong attempts.So when you activate pattern lock in your  mobile device but unfortunately forget the bypass key ,so you try many of the password ,due to this your device give warning " you have attempt lot of wrong password ".It happens with most of the Android user that they forget their pattern lock and after attempting it too much, it ask you to sign in with your Google account. In some of the cases you don’t have the internet access(your data is off) or you forget your Gmail Account details too. 

So here i will provide a method to unlock any Android Phone after too many wrong pattern attempts without internet connection.As in this method we are going to factory reset your android phone.

Note: This is make sure that Before you proceed with this method, i want to warn you that this process will erase all your important or sencitive phone data from your android device.

How to unlock any Android Phone after too many wrong pattern lock attempts
As for your understanding here , In this method we will factory reset your android  
phone.but This factory reset method vary with the manufacturer of the i am give 
general method to unlock almost every android device .

So without wasting time come to the point simply follow bellow step by step process to factory reset your phone . 

How To Unlock Your Android Phone 

Step 1: ) First of all you need to press power off or Turn off button on  your android  phone.(switch of your phone)

Step 2:) after that you need to reboot it into recovery mode. This step varies with different manufacturer

Note : dear readers ,as much as I would love to keep a directory on how to factory reset every single android phone out there,its just not possible .use your rights as a customer ,go back to the store and ask them to help you factory reset your device.

But here I am Give some manufacturer factory reset methode ,see bellow some.

Samsung :for Samsung mobile phone you simply Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power key for few seconds till Samsung Logo appears on the screen.

HTC : for htc users simply Press and hold Volume Up key, while holding Volume Up press and hold Power key. Keep holding both the key till it turn on in Android Recovery Mode.

Micromax : Hold down Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down key simultaneously till your phone land into recovery mode.

Step:3)Now to scroll up and down use Volume up and down key. Select the Wipe Data/ Factory Reset , then press Power key to factory reset your phone. 

Step:4) After that for factory reset , simply  Chose Reboot.

Step:5) Now Your phone will reboot it take some time for rebooting don't worry, after some time your android phone look like  a new phone.

I hope after reading all above 5 steps Your phone lock is successfully removed. If you have any problem with the steps you can ask it in comments.
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