Reveal Asterisk Saved Passwords on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome

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Today  I  am  going  to  explain  a  trick  which  is  almost  every  person's  topic  is  how  to   reveal  asterisk  saves  password on two  important  web  browser  Mozilla  Firefox  and  chrome.This tips and trick about Reveal Asterisk Saved Passwords on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome is continuing our last tips and trick about How to Reveal Asterisks Password on Log In Page where on our previous tips and trick maybe not too clear and its only limited with a few browsers.

We will learn how to reveal the asterisk on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome without seeing the saved password from the browser options menu.
I  am  going  to  explain  this  article  using firebug ,If you still never heared about Firebug.

Firebug According To WikiPedia: 

Firebug is a web development tool that facilitates the debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website's CSS, HTML, DOM, XHR, and JavaScript; it also provides other web development tools. Firebug's JavaScript panel can log errors, profile function calls, and enable the developer to run arbitrary JavaScript. Its net panel can monitor URLs that the browser requests, such as external CSS, JavaScript, and image files. The net panel can display both request headers and response headers for each page asset; it can also estimate the time each asset took to load.

What   IYour  Requirements? 

1. First  of  all  you  need  Mozilla Firefox  and  a  adons namely  firebug .( many  of  the  web  browser  inbuilt  this  feature  but  unfortunately  your  browser  not  have it don't   worry  see  bellow  steps  )

2. Google chrome.

Step By Step To Reveal Asterisk Saved Passwords On Mozilla Firefox : 

Step:1.) first of  all  Open our Mozilla Firefox web  browser,and

    press ALT –> click Tools –> Click Add-ons ( see bellow picture )

Reveal Asterisk Saved Passwords on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome

Step:2.) when you  open  addons window you  see  a  search  box right side of  the  window simply  type firebug on the textbox and click search,

Step:3) when  search  is  complete  you  find  the firebug  addons  simply  install  it  when  a   pop out window asking you to install this add ons.

Step:4) after installing  mozilla  firebox  need  restart don't wasting  time  simply  restart your browser.

Step:5)  This is the firebug button. to activate firebug you only need to click this button and click once again to deactivate.

Step:6)  Now we try to open a website with log in page, e.g: and input the password. Right click on the password box and choose Inspect Element.

Step:7) when  you  click  on  inspect element  a  pop up  box  appear  bellow  the  browser and  you   see  some code  there simply find  type="password"  ,when  you  find  this  double  click  on  "password"  text sonow  this  time  code  looking  like  type="text".

Step:8) The asterisk password will be shown and revealed :-)

How If It Is On Google Chrome Browser? The Steps Is The Same. 

Step:1) Open the log in page, right click the password box and choose Inspect Element

Step:2)  Change the input type="Password" to type="Text".

Step:3) The password is revealed in  chrome   browser .

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