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How to Install XAMPP Server in 7 Simple Steps 2017

By Admin
In this article after long time I give you simple steps to install xamp server on your computer.XAMP 's  designers  intented  it  for  us  only  as a  development  tool,to  allow  website  designers  and  programmer  to  test  their  work  on  their  own  computer  without  any  access  to  the  internet. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use – just download, extract and start.

How to install XAMPP in 7 simple steps, is just a simple tips and trick how to install the XAMPP for the beginner who just learning about php, mysql and apache.

What  is  xamp  server  according  to  wikipedia ?

xamp  is a free  and  open   source  cross platform web server  solution  stack package,consisting  mainly  of   the  Apache HTTP Server ,Mysql database,and interpreters  for  scripts  written  in  the  PHP and  perl  programming  language.

Step By Step How To Install Xampp In 5 Steps:

Step:1)  first of  all  download  xamp  server  from  here .

Step:2)After  downloading succuessfully  make  Double click on  the xamp  server installer, and choose your language to use for the installation process and click OK.
Step:3) when you click ok a new pop  up window like  bellow picture  open,  simply Click Next to continue to the next step.
Step:3) now  In this step, you can choose where to put XAMPP installation directory. The default directory is in C:\XAMPP, but you can choose another location that suitable for you. Click next after finished.(see bellow picture)

Step:4)  In this step, by default the XAMPP will install a desktop icon and create a link in your start menu, but you can disable this if you want, but my reccomendation is you don't need to change this because after few time you need to  again do  that.simply click  on install button to  continue.

In this step also there is SERVICE SECTION, this option will be used if you want your apache, mysql, or filezilla automatically run in startup. If you want some of the service run on start up, you can tick it. In the picture below I didn't tick it, because I will run manually everytime I need the service. When finish, click next and start the installation.

step:5)  when you click on instal  now your xamp  server  start  installing after few minutes  the installation progress finished,

Step:6) when your installation is  complete a new window  automaticaly  open  and  ask  you  to open  xamp  server simply if  you want  to start  xamp  server at  that time  simply  click on yes  button

Step:7) This is the last step of the installation, the XAMPP control panel window which is look  like  bellow  picture . In this window you can view the Apache server state and MySQL server state. To start the service, first tick on appropriate boxes and just click the start button and the service will be started. (here I try only to  start the Apache and MySQL in this bellow picture).


Now  this  is  the  right  time To check whether everything already running good which you  expect  or  not ,for  this simply  open your browser ( any  browser ie: mozilla or chromo ) and type http://localhost/xampp/   you have  successfully  installed  xamp  server  when congratulations  XAMPP window open  .

Note:  if  you   have  not  able  to  open  window  like  above  picture  ,this  is  make  sure  that  your computer port 80 is free and not in use. if  you  dont know how  to  check  it  simply open  command  prompt (cmd)  and type netstat -an and  hit  enter To check whether port 80 used or not .

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