how to Configure Default Numlock Mode in simple step BY STEP

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Here some Quick Overview:

evryone know about Numlock because it is very importent key so lets here some idea about it

The Numlock key on most standard keyboards toggles the numeric keypad between two different

 (1) The Numeric Mode and

When the Numlock is turned "ON", the numeric keys on the keypad generate numbers, like 0


(2) The Function Mode

On the other hand, when Numlock is set to "OFF", these numeric keys generate other keystroke

events such as "Home", "Page Up", "Page Down", etc...

Many of the  versions of Windows ie: window 8, 8.1 , 7  by default, set Numlock key to "OFF", and

this turns to be a bit annoying if you use that keypad regularly for numeric purposes. The good news

is, you can always change this default behavior and set the Numlock key ON as default.

IMPORTANT : This article will guide to some steps of modifying your Windows Registry.

Stop if you're not familiar with the Windows Registry. Making an inappropriate change to the

Windows Registry could cause critical problems to your computer.

here we give simple step by step procedure to how is this posssible ?please aplly carefully because

some steps need modify your registry okay so dont affraid i give you exect screanshots for that.

step:1) first of all open run box (start >>search for run) and type here regedit and click okay see bellow picture.


  step:2) after that   Expand to the following location of key:
  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard

    Here you should see a string value named "InitialKeyboardIndicators"


simply   Double-click on this name to popup the edit window (like bellow picture.)

 simply  Enter a desired numeric value under "Value Data" then click "Ok". Valid values are:

    0: Numlock is OFF on startup

    1: Disable Numlock Key

    2: Numlock is ON on startups

i hope you follow all steps carefully and enjoy this trick.if you have any problem in applying all

  above steps feel free ask me by help of omment box which is given bellow.