50 usefull shortcut keys for Microsoft Internet Explorer 2015-2016

By Admin

Here we collect all useful shortcuts key which  genrally you need.The followings are short-cuts for

Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some keys are version specific so don't take confusion.

this tutorial i divide into two parts

1) mouse shortcuts and

2) keyboard shortcut

1) Mouse shortcuts:(1) Double-click (On a word)                                     Select the word.

(2) Triple-click                                                            Select entire line.

(3) Wheel click                                                           Activate the Smooth scrolling

(4) Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel forward                         Increase font size

(5) Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel backward                      Decrease font size

(6) Click one point then hold Shift & click another     Create a selection from the two points

2) Keyboard shortcuts:

(1)  F1     Help.

(2)  F3     Toggle on/off search panel.

(3)  F4     Pull down address bar.

(4)  F5     Refresh current page.

(5)  F6     Move focus to address bar.

(6)  F11     Toggle on/off full-screen mode

(7)  Alt + (Left Arrow)     Go back on history. Same pas Backspace

(8)  Alt + (Right Arrow)     Go forward on history.

(9)  Ctrl + A     Select All.

(10)  Ctrl + B     Favorites.

(11)  Ctrl + C     Copy Selected.

(12)  Ctrl + E     Search panel.

(13)  Ctrl + F     Find (on page).

(14)  Ctrl + H     Toggle History panel.

(15)  Ctrl + I     Toggle Favorites panel.

(16)  Ctrl + L     Open File. Same as Ctrl + O

(17)  Ctrl + N     Open New browser window.

(18)  Ctrl + P     Print current page / frame.

(19)  Ctrl + R     Refresh. Same as F5

(20)  Esc     Stop (while page is loading).

(21)  Ctrl + Enter     Auto complete a url address. For example, type extratipstrick in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to get http://www.extratipstricks.com

(22)  Ctrl + D     Add the current page to favorite.

(21) ctrl+t    Open new tab in same window.

(22) ctrl+k    Duplicate current tab.

(23) ctrl+w    Close the current tab.

(24) ctrl+shift+t    Restore closed tab (open previously closed tab).

(25) ctrl+q    Show Tabs: Open or close quick tab view.

(26) ctrl+i    Open Favorites box.

(27) ctrl+shift+i    Open Favorites box in pinned mode.

(28) ctrl+h    Open History box.

(29)  ctrl+shift+h    Open History in pinned mode.

(30)  ctrl+j    Open Feeds.

(31)  ctrl+shift+j    Open Feeds in pinned mode.

(32)  ctrl+ left mouse click    In the History or Favorites boxes,
(33)  ctrl+d    Add the current webpage to favorites.

(34)  ctrl+b    Open the Organize Favorites dialog box. Use tab to
(35)  alt+space    Opens the title bar menu.

(36)  alt+space+enter    Restore Window (default Windows feature).

(37)  alt+space+x    Maximize Window (default Windows feature).

(38)  alt+space+n    Minimize Window (default Windows feature).

(39)  alt+shift+enter    Toggle regular window / full screen
without toolbars

(40)  f11    Turn full page view on or off (default Windows feature).

(41)  f6    Move forward between window elements.

(42)  ctrl+n    Open a new browser window.

(43)  f4    Close IE8 Window.