10 best hacking tips and tricks for android users should know in 2017

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Generally  android  is  the  most  versatile  platform  ever  produced.  So for the  request  of  many  readers  today  I  am  going  to  start  a article  which is  all about  android .many time  you should realize that Android gadgets are massively more customization than their Apple iOS counterparts, but the tough part is figuring out how exactly to customize them  for  us.actually  we  don't have  enough  knowledge  about  What  type  of  apps do I need? What settings will help you to get the most out of your gadget?so  for  the  problem  of  this  situation  i  am  coming here to take  a very  interested  article  which  tells  you  all  feature  of  android  which  is  actually  you  don't  know  .so for  making  your   smartphone  better  simply  see bellow  all tricks  which  I am sharing  .   in  this  article  I  am  featuring  10  useful  and  interested  tricks  and  tips for  your  android  smart  phone  which  your  smartphone deserve.also  using  this  tricks  you  inhence  your  knowledge.In  today's  generation  love  android  phone ,and  want to  do  bit   more  entertaining  of  course.

#1.  How To Take A Screenshot ?

Here 's  I  show  you how  to  take  screenshots  on  any  android  smart  phone .As  we  know  taking  the  screenshot  in  android  phone  is  bit  confusing  but  here  I  give  a way  which  is  not  confusing  As  we  know It's one of the simplest things to do on a computer Just tap the Print Screen button to take a screenshot. do  you  know  It's just that easy on your smartphone, too ?

since  the  process  is  simple  to  take  a screenshot  in  android  but  the  process is  not  same  for  every  mobile  phone.so  first check  which  version  of  android  you  used.if you  are using  android  4.0  and  above simply  press  power button  and  volume  down  button  at  the  same  time  for  2-3  second ,after  that  your  screenshot  display  on  your  mobile  phone  and  also  save  automatically  in  your  mobile  photo  gallery. have  enjoy  this  trick.....

#2. How To Monitor Your Data ?

Here  we  give  you  a  way  by  which  set  your   android   phone  to  prevent  you from  going  over  your  data cap  with  a  few  simple  step.
That makes it easy to accidentally go over, which means huge overage fees. Android helps you track your data use and set limits before you go over.simply  see  bellow  step  for  monitoring  your  data

first  of  all  Go to your  mobile   menu>> Settings>>Data Usage. (see bellow  picture)

10 killer basic tips & tricks every Android user needs to know  apply them.

after that You can set your billing cycle, data limits and when you get alerts. You can also see how much data you typically use and which apps use the most. That can help you track down data hogs to remove.

10 killer basic tips & tricks every Android user needs to know  apply them.
If you hit the Settings button in Data Usage, you can turn on the "Restrict Background Services" option. This forces the gadget to do updates over Wi-Fi instead of cellular.have  enjoy  buddy  with  this  tricks....

#3. Install Anti-Virus Applications:

you  know  hacker  easily  hack  your  android  phone  .so this  is  very  important  to   prevent  your  data  from  black  hat  hacker .With just a few clicks here and there, hackers can easily get into your computer and steal your personal information. The same is true of your smartphone.
I  know  you  have store  much  important  information about  your  personal  work  in  your  mobile  phone,  passwords and probably even banking and financial information that any identity thief would love to grab. So one of the first things you must do with your Android is to make sure it is secure.you  simply  use  avast  security  it  is very  popular over 100,0000,00 people  download it and  install in  smartphone.it  give   quick  and  easy  potectiom for  your  smartphone. if  you  want  to know  extra  feature  of  securing  your  mobile I  reccomend see follow these

#4. How  To Save Your Mobile's Battery Life ?

This  is  important  to  save  battery  life  of  mobile phone. now  days smartphone  have  many  feature  so  the  battry  life  reduce .here  I give  some tips  by  which  you  improve  your  mobile battery  life 25%.

Trick:1) set the brightness by going to Settings>>Display>>Brightness. Adjust the slider so your screen is visible, but not overly bright.

Trick:2) In the same area, Settings>>Display, you'll see the "Screen timeout" option. This shuts off your screen after you don't use your gadget for a certain amount of time. Set it to a minute or two and watch your battery life improve.

Trick:3) You can look at other settings in the Display area as well. For example, "Smart screen" keeps the screen on as long as you're looking at it. This is cool, but it does use a bit more battery life to detect your face.

Trick:4) Other things aside from the display can drain your battery, such as apps. Android's built-in battery monitor, which you can find at Settings>>Battery, is OK, but it could be better.

or  you  can  simply  download  Battery Saver app from  google play  store it has dozens of power-saving tips and tricks, like shutting off power-hogging programs. It will also display the amount of time that your battery has left and tell you which apps take up the most power. This way, you can delete the power-hungry apps you don’t need or use.
#5. Set Up A Pass Code OPassword

You  no  what  is  the  role  of  password  in  your  life .password  prevent  your  data  from  hackers or dirty people which always want to  harm others.So now  days it become  very  important  to  store  our  sensitive data  under  password  protection.but  many  of  hacker  easily  break  password  because  of  your  lack  knowledge  about  how  to make  your  password.as  for  the  easy  you  simply  make  simple  password  like 12345.but  you  know  this  is  very easily  break  by  hackers mind .so  became  minded people and  make  your  password strong like "!A12527@!"

If  you  don't know  how  to setup password then  simply  follow bellow steps.

Step:1) first of  all  go to Settings>>Lock Screen and tap "Screen lock."

Step:2) if  you are using  other  version  of  android , it's under Security>>Location and Security>>Screen Lock.

Step:3) Here you can choose to set a PIN, password or even a connect-the-dots pattern. On newer versions of Android, you also have the option for "Face" or "Face and voice" unlock.(see bellow picture)

10 killer basic tips & tricks every Android user needs to know  apply them.

You'll want to make sure in your settings that your phone is set to lock automatically after just a few minutes. Letting it sit for hours before it locks kind of defeats the purpose and wastes its battery.

#6. How To Enable Or Ddisable Landscape View

Some time we actually  need  my  phone work  fine  when   we move  our  hand  left side  or  right  side .but  unfortunately  we don't  know  how  to  disable auto rotation  feature  because of  our  slow knowledge.don't  worry  friends  you  disable  your  mobile  auto rotation in  single click .simply  Go to Settings>>Display and uncheck "Auto rotate screen." In some versions, it might be under Settings>>Display>>Orientation.
or simply  scroll down  your  status bar which is on the  home  screen of  your  mobile  phone and  click  on  rotation see bellow picture.

10 killer basic tips & tricks every Android user needs to know  apply them.

#7. How To Add And Change Your Wallpaper

Here  i  am  sharing  every  simple  feature  this  is  for  not extra minded people but  who  don't  know  how  to change  wallpaper can see this  section.keep  in  mind  this  article  is  for  newbie.You don't have to stick with the default wallpaper on your gadget. There are plenty of other options, and nothing makes a phone feel more personalized than choosing your own background.

Trick:1) you  simply Just tap and hold any empty area on the Android home screen. You will see a pop-up menu that says "Set Wallpaper." In later versions, you can choose to set the wallpaper for your home screen, lock screen or both.(see bellow picture of my  android mobile )

10 killer basic tips & tricks every Android user needs to know  apply them.

Trick:2) Alternativly you  select your wallpaper photo. You can pull it from your photos, live wallpapers or the wallpaper folder.Be cautious before using a Live Wallpaper though. Those have moving images and can dramatically drain your battery and even slow down your scrolling.

#8. You Simply Download essential Apps In Your Android Smartphone:

We  know  there  are  plenty  of  application  available on  the  internet or  google play store,but we  don't  know  which  application  is  important  for  your  mobile  phone so  that's  resion  i  decide  to make  a decent  list  of  every  important application  list  for several categories.you don't worry  Luckily, I'm here to helping you.

Start with my Top 11 essential apps for Android.you simply download it from google play store .you can search bellow application in google play store search bar.

1) Whatsapp messenger

2) Dolphin browser for android

3) Camera 360 ultimate

4) Swiftkey keyboard+emoji

5) Poweramp music player(trial)

6) VLC media player for android

7) Expensify-expense reports

8) Smart launcher 2

9) Antivirus security-free

10) Yahoo weather

11) Magic locker main
#9. How To  Uninstall Accidental Apps

This  is  important  to  maintain our phone  memory space we decide  to  uninstall  unnecessary application  which  we  no  longer  work.but  sometime  newbie  don't  know  how  to uninstall  such  application  in smartphone so  that's  problem  i am coming  here .for  remove or  uninstall unwanted  application you  simply  go to Settings>>Application manager (apps). Tap on an app and then tap the Uninstall button. (see bellow  picture of  my  android mobile where i uninstall analytic apps)

10 killer basic tips & tricks every Android user needs to know  apply them.

The apps that the gadget manufacturer put on the phone at the factory won't have this option. For those, all you can do is remove them from the home screen.To do this, tap and hold an app icon on the home screen until a trash can appears at the top of the screen. Drag the icon to the trash can and it will go away.

#10.  Find Your Phone If It’s Lost Or Stolen

In this  section  I am going to  share  some tips which is very  useful for you.i am  sure  using  this  section you  are able  to  prevent  your  phone or  you   can  find your  stolen  mobile phone.Misplacing your phone can be frustrating; a  aplication  work  fine  the  name  of  the apps is  Android Device Manager,  it is an invaluable app to have in this situation. It tracks down your gadget with GPS so you can go find it. If your phone is just lost, you can cause it to ring at full volume or display a message on the lock screen.

If you don’t lock your phone, you can lock it remotely with a new password. Of course, a savvy thief would have used that time to take over already. In the absolute worst case, you can wipe the personal information from your gadget. That way, no thief can get it.