possible ways to break memory card password 2016

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hye friends today's topic is very importent .some time we secrate the data in memory card with password but unfortunatly we forget that password which protect our dta from hackers or yourfriends or any other you gues.so i am here to give you best solution of breaking memory card paasword in only 5 minutes.there are lot off methode publish on internate about how to break the memory card password but many of my reader advise me to write a tutorial about breaking memory card password .

becaUse they believe that i am write that tutorial very friendly so they can understand very ifficiently.so now i am going to start the tutorial namly how to break memory card password.here i am publish very friendly methode break password so i give only those methode which easily understandable for everyone .so dont wasting your valuable time lets start.follow step by step procedure.

solution no. 1:--

breaking memory card password for Android Devices

1.   first of all  Go to file manager (my files)  of your android  mobile phone.

2.    after that .there are lot off your folder so going to right folder  ,in the setting  choose system folders,

3.     find a file named as mmcstore  in the system folder .

4.   simply copy that file mmcstore  and Send the file on pc or laptop with the help of data cable or Bluetooth or any other transfering software.

5. after doing step 4 ,simply Open the file  mmcstore  In notepad or any other file editore applictaion,i prefer use notepad because it is inbuilt application in your pc or laptop.

6.    now this is the time to remove the passwrd  when file mmcstore is open you will see the password located in the file.password formate like bellow given .
ie: (?!??1?2?3?4?5???)

so here is the password of your memory card is 12345

thats it you have break your memory crad password .

NOTE: this methode is not only for android phone also for those phones which give you acces to control mmcstore file in file explorer.you also bteak memorycard password in those mobile phones

solution no. 2:

in solution no. 1 i give you very simple trick to break password unfortunatly ,
if you are unable to break memory card pasword using solution no.1 ,so dont worry there is another methode to break memory card password follow step by step procedure .
break memory card  pasword using nokia E& N series mobile
1.first of all Insert memory card in any E series or N series Nokia mobile

2.after that simply  Format it

3. when you fomate your memory card you see that it will not ask you for password
4.  so after fomate memory card you see your memory card password removed.

solution no. 3:---

How To break Micro Sd Memory Card Password For  nokia Symbian Mobiles:

1.first of all  install  any file Explorer aplication in  your device it scan your device.
2. after that  open Explorer app and  press zero (0).This will allow you to see system files

3.now this time to find   MmcStore file,which should be located in the following path

4.after that when you find that file mmcstore then copy it and open it using any editor application like notepad

5. in this file mmcstore you check the third column, the code like !VBGGSSMDGY

6. SIMPLY  delete it.and you are done  your memory crad password will be break.
solution no. 4:

How To recover Memory Card Password Using  some Software

(1.)Remove the memory from you android device

(2.) insert into any memory card and connect to pc or Laptop

(3.) once done and right click on device disk

(4.) then choose format from menu option.(for windows only)

(5.) Once done,you will see your memory card password has been removed/unlock

i Hope,this article will help you in restoring/remove memory card password.If you faced any issue with above procedure do let me know in below comments.if you like this tutorial please share it with your friends and like this article how to remove memory card passwrod in simple steps.

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