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How To View Locked Facebook Profile Picture In Large Size from small size due to privacy;

By Admin

Hello friends i am here  today with a new trick which is useful to view locked facebook profile
pic in large size.Many of us facebook user feel very sad when he/she is unable to view his/herboyfriend/girlfriend photo or any other person due to privacy setting which is used by that dont frustrate here is a trick to view that person privacy picture in large size .I am going to share with you one interesting trick which I have learn from my friend. You can see any Facebook locked profile picture without knowing His ID & Password ,Its really easy only few steps and you can see picture in large size.

follow simply given step bellow in proper manner .

Step1 ->-----  first of all Open your  Facebook & log in it .

Step2->-------  after that Open profile anyone which you want and also he using privacy onpicture or

we can say who has locked profile picture or whom locked profile picture you want to see.

step3->------ after that go to that photo and right click on that photo and click on  copy photo url 

Step4->---- after that Now open "Notepad " then right click in it and "Paste" Image URL
it looks like bellow

       " "

after that ,Now remove 160x160 from link and add 720x720  look like bello url "

Step6->--- after doing this ,Now copy this modified link and paste it in to New Tab address bar and hit you are able to  view that picture from small to large Now You have done . Now You can see locked profile picture in large size.

I hope you like my post if you have any question or any suggestions about this post or about blog Then please mention it in comment box. Thank You Friends .

Now we are come in the end of this tutorial view locked picture in large size.I hope you enjoy this trick . If you have any question feel free to ask me and share this tutorial in social networking site like facebook or twitter..

..................................................THANK YOU.........................................