How To Recover permanently Deleted Files In Windows even from recyclebin 2017 (Update)

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Hello dear friends i hope you are i will start a very spacial topic" how to recover
permanent deleted item ".Some time we are feeling very sad when we delete our some music
,videos ,software etc by simply doing shift+ delete.In  general we delete any type of file in simple manner like right click on that file and simply click on delete,So computer delete that file but a copy of that file store in recycle bin folder of the which user again restore it.but sometime we delete those file also from recycle bin which create sometime problem because i really need that file in future.Don't worry for this resion" how to restore our permanent deleted item " you are coming here.Here I am give you my best way to recover that such of important files which you really need.

Have you ever deleted a file that you did not wish to and wanted to recover it but did not find it in the recycle bin? You probably deleted it permanently with Shift+Delete or emptied the Recycle Bin. Now what? Don't worry, you may still have a chance to get it back. This article lists some free software that can recover deleted files from your hard drive or any other storage device instantly.if you faced any problem during all procedure feel free emailed me.I write this article for everyone even who has lack knowledge of computer.Here i am provide step by step procedure for every software .

But how do the software mentioned below undelete deleted files?

you know very well when you delete your file from your computer ,your pc save the copy of that file in recylebin ,but do you know When files are deleted, Windows does not delete them from your hard disk. It marks the storage space as empty for new data to be written and deletes the index entry that tells the location of those files. Unless, new files are written on that space, the deleted files are still recoverable. That's what allows these software to recover deleted file.

Here i am provided you very best tool pandora which is useful for recover your deleted item.Step by step procedure given bellow.

# How To Recover Deleted Items From Pandora Recovery

It is a very popular software which recover your permanented deleted files .It is also user friendly software and simple for using.Pandora Recovery is a free software that offers a wizard based interface for recovering files. It allows you to browse a drive's individual folders to look for deleted files.  It also allows you search for a deleted file based on its name, file size, creation date and last access time.Importent note:: you do not create ,modify,edit data on the drive that your lost resides on.  Its deep scan allows you to recover files that other software might have missed. Although deep scan
does not return a file's original name and location, it still is effective to recover data from drives with

corrupted file tables and drives that were recently formatted. It can even recover data from CDs and
DVDs.If you dont know how to use pandora recovery tool dont worry see bellow step by step procedure for recover your permanented files.

Step1:) First of all download pandora recovery tool.

Step:2) After that install it .

Step3:) Now when installation wizard complete simply open it.

Step:4) When you open Pandora tool it show a another wizard simply click on next button and make tick on "start this wizard the next time Pandora recovery starts"

Step 5:) After that open recycle bin this button will take you to your computer recycling bin.should click this button first you see if your deleted file are in your recycle bin

Step:6) If you find your deleted file in recycle bin simply tick on yes i found my deleted files
and if not found your deleted files in recycle bin folder simply tick on No i have not found my files(see bellow picture for better understanding)


Step7:) If you selected  on "YES I HAVE FAUND MY FILES"  andclick on the next button following screan appear see picture bellow close pandora recovery when i click the finish button

Step8:) If you selected "i have not faund my files " and click on next button bellow picture come infront your face.

simply selected "start this wizard the next time pandora recovery starts "click on next button and


Step9:) Simply select one of the methode bellow

    a)  browse

    b) search methode

    c) surface scan methode

  And you have successfuly recover your deleted files by click on next button. 
A) When you select browse method

Right click on the drive where your deleted files are located after few secont the list of all deleted files come infront you.Here deleted files and folder are in red color and file which is compressed are in blue color and encrypted files are in green color.

Some more softwares which recover your files.

1) TOKIWA Data Recovery

2) Recuva recovery tool
Note:All of these recovery software support recovery from memory sticks, digital camera cards and MP3 players. They support undeleting all types of pictures, software, movies and documents from both FAT and NTFS formatted drives. They work on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. 

Some Important Tips To Increase The Chances Of Getting Your Deleted Files Back

1) When a file is deleted accidentally on a storage device, make sure that you don't do anything on it as doing that would increase the chances of new data being written over your deleted files; which would make file recovery impossible.

2) If one software fails to recover your deleted file, it does not mean that another one wouldn't recover it too.

3) If you have deleted files on your main computer (the one you are using right now), do not browse the internet, download new software or shut it down. Keep it running and go to another computer, download one of the software mentioned above that is portable and save it on a flash drive. Then plugin the flash drive in your current system and perform file recovery. Regardless of whether you accidentally delete files a lot or not, make sure to always have that software in your flash drive in case you accidentally delete important files.

If you have face any type of problem feel free ask me using email or comment box bellow.
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