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How To Change Processor's Name Permanently Even Restart

By Admin
Hello friends how are you ? I hope you are fine Today I am back with a very interested trick how to change your processor name permanently,  If you are bored of your old processor name and you want a new one with a staggering name, then you are coming in right place ,here i explain all the steps in very simple manner which is easily understand by everyone of my readers. you will definitely want to see this trick which allows you to change its name to something extraordinary to make your PC special.

when we  search google how to change processor name then google show ,many of the websites which show your desire interest but unfortunately after apply those steps a drawback appears that is when we restart our computer then it show old processor name instead of new we are frustrate with that thing,but here i am give a suitable idea about how to change our computer's processor name even it restart again. After a user restarts his computer, the name reverted back to original which is obvious as each time Windows boots, it checks the connected hardware and updates the registry value automatically.

Problem: To, make the name change permanent, it was required to update the Processor Name String registry key every time Windows starts.


It is very easy to change your processor name permanently by creating a registry key and placing a shortcut to it in the Windows start up folder. To do so, just follow the steps given below:-

Now don't wasting your valuable time i come to the point how to change our computer processor name follow given bellow steps carefully.Here i am give step by step procedure to make my article popular.

Steps 1:) First of all Open Notepad

Step 2:) After that simply copy bellow code and past it in to the notepad (see picture for your understand)
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "ProcessorNameString"="My Processor name 50000MHz"


NOTE: To change the processor name, edit the part of the code given IN INVERTED COMMA. Also understand that \0 in the above code should only be present if Windows store your processor name at that location. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to the above mentioned keys to check whether or not to include the \0.

Step :2) After that simply save this file by doing   Click on File Menu, click on Save As and select "All Types" in the Save as Type option. Save the file as ProcessorNameChange.reg (see bellow picture)

Step 4:)  Create a new shortcut on your desktop. Enter regedit / S "Location of the .reg file" as the location of the item. For example, enter regedit /S "C:\Processor Name.reg" if your registry file is located in the root of C:\ drive.

Step 5:)  after that Copy the created Shortcut file and past it into the following folder see bellow
  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (for  Windows XP users)

  C:\Users\ User-Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup          
 (for Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista users)

                  1) Also remember that AppData is a hidden folder.)                  2) and  C: is your System drive.

This registry file would now execute each time when Windows starts and the Processor Name String would be modified each time. This means that even upon restarting your computer, you will see that the changed processor name is permanent.
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