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How To Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification 2016

By Admin
Hello friends today i am going to share very important trick that is bypass photo tag verification in facebook. Facebook photo verification is the biggest problem in Facebook that is hated by Facebook users. Sometime Facebook block the account without any solid reason and give it biggest hardest verification step that is Facebook Photo Verification.sometimes we send lot off friend request and lot of comment and posting .This type of action consider as a spamming and  facebook security not allow to do that so you are blocked .this is very difficult procedure to bypass facebook photo vitrification security.So that resion YOU came to my website which give you suitable method to bypass facebook photo verification i give you simple step by step procedure to do that.okay so without wasting your valuable time.I started today's aticle how to bypass photo verification security in facebook. so before going to next step first you know about photo verification process.

Facebook Photo Verification is actually a step where Facebook pic some images that is by you and your friends and then ask you that who is in this pic. Now if you have hundreds of friends then it is impossible to remember everyone that who is in this pic because those images are not there profile pics or personal pics. Facebook pick and wallpaper or any product images too and ask who is in this image?

One day my friend contact me and say my facebook account has been blocked what can i do? actually i am not also able to bYpass these security and i am trying to find the solution of this problem and after lot off searching I find a very effective methode .

So apply these method step by step and carefully about  these.

Now lets start.... 

How To Clear Facebook Photo Verification Lock Perfectly?

Step 1:) First of all if your account has been blocked login to and put your username and your password in appropriate box.

Step 2:) After login a popup window will be open that show your are blocked see bellow picture for best understanding

how to bypass facebook photo tag verification process(alternative methode)

Step 3:) After this click on continue button

 Step 4:) After step 3 a new window come like bellow image, Enter Captcha code and then click “Continue” on Enter the Text Below page.

how to bypass facebook photo tag verification process(alternative methode)

Step 5:)  Click  on continue button a new page will show like bellow  Please Complete a Security Check page.

 how to bypass facebook photo tag verification process(alternative methode)

Step 6:) After that step 5 picture of your friends will appeared try to identify them correctly if you identify right then your account will be activated .if you not able to identify that images then see bellow further steps .if you are not able to identify then you see a window like bellow  picture "your answer werenot accurate enough.please try again with more specific answer." simply click on "i have troubling to identify photos " and 'submit '

how to bypass facebook photo tag verification process(alternative methode)
 Step 7:) After submit you see a new window like bellow picture simply click on "submit a request"

how to bypass facebook photo tag verification process(alternative methode)

Step 8:) When you click on  'submit a request' a next page will come infront you having some appropriate column

Step 9:) Simply full fill your  name as facebook id

Step 10:) After this choose a well scanned identity proof card and upload it.

Step 11:)Also enter the country name where your id card belongs.

Step 12:) Now in my view first you see you fill all data in appropriate box before going to submit a request when you are confirm then simply click on submit request

Now this is the end of this article if you have any problem faced during all the process feel free comment me in comment box bellow.if you like this article please share this in social networking site.also dont forget to like my facebook page for best updates. thank you very much for visiting my site.